Highlights of Transglobal Water Resources (TGWR)

The company is Transglobal Water Resources, L.L.C. (TGWR), which was founded after 30 years of successful applied research in thermal desalination.

TGWR has developed a sustainable solar/thermal powered desalination device that:

  • Operates at nearly 100% on sustainable, renewable energy,
  • Produces large quantities of desalinated water at a fraction of the costs of the best reverse osmosis systems,
  • Promises many years of trouble free operation.

Successful prototype was built, refined and test operated between 2000-2002.

First patent was applied for in 2002 and granted in 2003.

More refinements and improvements were made between 2003 and 2007.

Stage II patent was applied for in early 2008 to broaden and strengthen existing protection. Another patent application will likely be filed in 2009-2010.

The best reported reverse osmosisĀ  (our major competition) priceĀ  for a cubic meter of water is about $.85 (265 gallons) or $0.0032 per gallon.

The best projected price for the TGWR solar/thermal process is about $.30 per cubic meter, or $ 0.0011 per gallon.

We (TGWR) have established strong political and business contacts in the U.S. and overseas, with potential investors and first customers.

We are now in Stage II of development. Stage II entails:

  • Building a small R & D pilot plant,
  • Building a much larger revenue producing pilot plant at a desired location of our client city, state, region or country,
  • Pilot plants will allow TGWR to provide very accurate costs of water production for any customer. The pilot plant will allow us to optimize the design and minimize customer costs,
  • Significant progress could be made within the first year after funding is obtained,
  • We are seeking an equity partner to help us finance and complete the pilot plants, one of which would be a revenue producer and be located at the choice of our first commercial customer.

We have a large amount of supporting documentation to provide, including non-proprietary disclosures of portions of the technology, an independent engineering white paper assessing the desalination technology, and a full PowerPoint slideshow of the process, the prototype, and engineering support data.