Our Mission

TransGlobal Water Resources will provide low cost, sustainable supplies of desalinated water to customers facing water shortages due to poverty or supply limitation, or those faced with sanitation issues and disease resulting from a contaminated water supply. TransGlobal Water Resources will supply clean water in regions of the world close to a saltwater source, in an area of abundant year round sunshine. The TransGlobal Water Resources process is non-polluting and about 99% sustainable in that it uses only about 1% non-renewable energy sources. Because of this, and the highly functional but simple construction, TransGlobal Water Resources technology is ideal for developing and emerging nations. We are pledged to causing no harm to local or regional environments in providing freshwater for human consumption, sanitation and in some instances irrigated agriculture and fish farming.

In addition to stated humanitarian goals, TransGlobal Water Resources will be ideally suited to help select municipalities in supplementing their current water supplies. TransGlobal Water Resources desalination, because of its renewable energy supply and low cost of installation and maintenance will be able to produce water to be added to a city's existing water supply at a rate significantly less that what consumers are already paying. The constraints are that cities must be located near a supply of saltwater (coastal or saline aquifers) in an area of abundant, year long sunshine.