TransGlobal Water Resources

Desalination Research and Development

Based on estimates by The United Nations, 1.8 billion people worldwide experience regular water shortages. They estimate that these figures will grow to 2.5 billion people in ten years and the global market for new desalination systems will be US$100-300 billion over next 15 years.

Although water covers 75% of the Earth's surface, most is saline. Much of the fresh water is frozen in glaciers or deep groundwater and not available. Freshwater is a finite resource and populations keep increasing. Currently, there are 75 countries experiencing severe water shortages and that number is projected to double within 15 years.

The problem is not limited to developing or emerging countries. In the U.S. water shortages or limited access are currently being experienced in Florida, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and California.

Sustainable desalination is the only remedy!

TransGlobal Water Resources (TGWR) is a research and development company that has developed a 99% "Green" desalination technology with energy derived from solar/geo-thermal sources. It is a result of 30 years of applied research, and a patent on the thermal process was recently issued. This sustainable process is immune to fluctuations in fossil fuel prices and is projected to be much less expensive than reverse osmosis, the main competition.

We are preparing for the "Pilot Plant" phase of research and development, following the successful completion of the proof of concept prototype.

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